Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pumpkin Seeds

Our little neighbor Natalia continues to stop in each week. Not long ago she brought Greg pumpkin seeds. Her grandmother grows pumpkins and during our Christmas visit to their house, Greg asked if he could have the pumpkin seeds. After receiving the seeds, he roasted them and took them back to Natalia's grandmother and was invited in for tea. He had a nice time chatting with her, Natalia's mom and boyfriend, and Natalia too.

As we settle into our new neighborhood we also want to contribute in good and helpful ways. In the last two months we met with a man who oversees social needs for the area, the vice-mayor, and elementary school principal to introduce ourselves and to let them know we want to help out in the community. I think all of them were a little shocked to hear the news and I hope that it is the beginning of expressions of the Gospel.

Gospel Community on Mission
Right now in South Poland four couples, focusing on Advance (click here for refresher on Advance) are meeting twice a month to pray and encourage one another in our local outreaches. Here we are pictured below.

I'm so thankful for the community God has us in the middle of - that I/we don't head out into each day alone. We have God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our fellow christian family to press on together.

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