Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrating Jillian

13 Years Old!

Jillian turned 13 in January! Seems as though she drastically grew up in the last 6 months - I know you fellow parents can relate to that. This season it's been fun to see her personality emerge more and more. She's always been funny and now her humor is changing a little. She's not said very much about school and now she comes home with great funny stories of friends.

A few days ago was her class recital - 6 years of music school and it was great to hear her whole class perform on their instruments. During the recital I was so touched by their progress and also what young teens they have grown into.

Jillian playing the flute

Sixth Grade Class Recital

 Jillian with her good friend Martyna

 This photo below was from the summer when Kelsey experimented with the camera and Jillian model for her.

We love you Jillian!!

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