Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Greg

For Greg's birthday this Monday, I made reservations at a STEAKHOUSE I noticed the week before. For days I was excited about this for Greg (and us too)! We didn't make it to the Steakhouse for his birthday dinner. Our engine blew as Greg was on his way home from work, via picking up Kelsey, then me, then Jillian before heading to the restaurant.

After a quick look throughout the kitchen, we had burritos, corn chips with salsa just brought over from Arkansas (thanks Ken!), and guacamole from not quite ripe yet avocados. We opened presents too.

Then enjoyed cheesecake with our neighbors, Gra┼╝yna and Leszek.

We'll try that Steakhouse place another time! Happy Birthday to you Greg.

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