Friday, September 21, 2012

Next Generation

Lead Fala your way, Michal. 

Michal's vision for Polish youth

With words from I Chronicles of "men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do", Ray Ban sunglasses, and 60 guests at a special celebration dinner, Greg commissioned Michal as he took the leadership of Fala (Josiah Venture's partner organization in Poland). "You can trade those Ray Ban's for any style, color, or brand you want Michal. And just like that, lead Fala your way." 

The whole evening was joyful, serious, and definately worth celebrating, because our desire is to step aside when there are capable and willing Polish leaders to take over. We celebrated and reflected the first 9 years of Fala's ministry under Greg's leadership and then Michal shared his own story as a 14 year old youth who was lost before hearing the Good News of Jesus. "It's for all those lost Michals that haven't heard the good news of Jesus".

Among the guests, were many dear Polish friends, co-workers and fellow Josiah Venture missionaries. I invite you to read two other experiences from the evening: my favorite night as a JV missionary written by our dear friend Aleisha Stephens, and the second Indigenous Empowerment written by lifelong friend Connie Patty. Dave Patty is the President & Founder of Josiah Venture and he also commissioned Michal on this special night.

praying for Michal & Sylwia

Greg and I are still a part of Josiah Venture Poland and Fala (the name of JVPoland for Poland's national organization). We continue to serve in JV and Greg in Fala leadership and we will direct our focus to another ministry of Fala. It's called Advance and it is concerned with church planting. Over 16+ years of working with young leaders, the oldest of them are now in their 30s and are serving the church as pastors, elders, and lay ministers. A new generation is filing the Polish church and there's alot to do. We are coming alongside them and assisting them. One of the ways we are serving them is through what we call Gospel Communities on Mission. So under the blessing of our Polish church, we are concentrating in our new neighborhood with the intention and hope of planting a church.

To God be all Praise.

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