Thursday, July 14, 2011

EC Collision Continues

Collision English Camp 2011 in Bielsko Biala continues and here are more pictures for you to enjoy.

We began the day at the movie theater of all places. We received free tickets with a purchase of an ice cream!

Then back to camp for our English classes!
Greg knows the answer to this one.

Kelsey helped translate in this class pictured below. Can you find her?

Beginning the evening program with our Theme Song and Dance.

And Lost and Found recovery. These guys had to dance to Wii to retrieve their "lost" belongings.

Singing both English and Polish songs required the students to teach the Americans how to sing in Polish!

After Evening Program we had our fun night: Hollywood Night!

It began with a Red Carpet Arrival...

...and rushing forward for autographs...

....followed by an evening of fun including Wii Just Dance 2!

Everyone having a great time. Below, our Polish staff from L - R is Filip our sound guy, David our sports guy, and David our camp director!

Even our English teachers jumped in!

Special appearance by Hannah Montana.

Josh and Lora Blair our Intern Team Leaders.

Jillian and Elyse, missionary kids from Poland. Jillian was primarily responsible for the Wii Just Dance night!

There are just a few days left of camp. The students have been very open to talking about Jesus and the Bible. Many have commented that this week hearing about Jesus has been more relevant to them. Most of their church experiences don't include being asked what they think about the Bible or the examples and teachings of Jesus. They have been able to express their thoughts, ask questions or clarify areas they don't understand.

Thank you for praying for them all.

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