Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer 2011

Two days following the end Collision English Camp in our local church, we flew to the States for one month of home assignment. During that time of connecting with supporting churches and individuals we were able to spend time with our families.

Here we are with the Carlson side, catching up and celebrating Greg’s mom’s 81st birthday together. 
Greg's Family

Heidi's family
 Here we are with the Compton side, celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday together. 

The weeks flew by with many greetings, deep talks, reunions & celebrations followed by quick (and often sad) goodbyes. Certainly our hearts were full and emotions weary as we headed back to Poland again. 

Our girls then had a one day turn around before heading to Josiah Venture's JVKids Camp in Croatia. Here they spent a week with all our JV missionary kids and Josiah Venture staff. This is a camp they look forward to all year long.

Jillian water skiing in Croatia!!!

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