Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Collision EC 2011

Collision English Camp has begun in our home town, Bielsko Biala. We have a total of 80 attending and camp is full of energy and excitement. In addition to the middle school and high school students we have 3 other groups of leaders. Our home church from Colorado, Foothills Bible Church, our Josiah Venture Poland summer intern team, and our local church here in town who is hosting the camp.

Here are pictures from the first 2 days to give you a taste. You can also follow The Blairs blog; they are the Josiah Venture Intern Team leaders for Poland.

Ice Breaker Games

Discussion Group
Paint guns and BB guns workshop!! Lots of girls signed up!
Cowboy Night!
Here we all are!
Dawid (David) is the Polish Camp Director and doing a great job. 
Learning a new dance. It was a BIG hit. So much fun! 
English Classes!

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