Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greater Than English Camp

We are rejoicing that 10 students made decisions to know more about the Bible or to have a personal relationship with Jesus after this year's evangelistic English camp "Greater Than"! Celebrate with us! I am especially excited to know that 3 boys who have continued to attend our ACM (After Camp Meeting), a once a month meeting since last summer's camp, each made a significant decision in their lives.

This summer's camp changed many lives, ours included. We had the privilege of having 3 Josiah Venture Summer Interns live with our family and serve in our local church youth group. Our nephew spent the summer with us as well. It was so refreshing to have eager persons desire connection with Polish youth. You can read more about them in my Summer Family post.

Maciek and Kasia attended camp last year.

Some of our teachers from Foothills Bible Church and Stuttgart, Germany.

I LOVE this picture and Patryk and Bekah!

Both Kelsey and Jillian assisted teaching English classes this year, serving as translators. Below is the class Kelsey helped in.

Several evenings we had theme nights. Here Billy has become a very serious commanding officer for Military Night.

Not so serious!

Olympics night since our camp took place during the 2012 Olympic Games.  

Circus night - Awesome right?

A day in town and a few Flash Mob dances!

Evening program fun for everyone. 

I love this shot taken during one of the "Fear Factor" events during our evening program.

Students attended English classes in the mornings and in the afternoon we had games/sports and creative workshops. Each evening the story of the Prodigal Son was unfolded, talking about topics such as The Good Life, Freedom, Chaos, Hope, Rules and Expectations, and a life that is Greater than Great. Personal testimonies were shared as well. Here is our friend Estera sharing her testimony. Many students commented later that her story gave them something to think about.

Finally a picture of our music leader, Greg. So you know our whole family served at camp this year! How about you come and serve along with us next summer?

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