Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Family

Here they are!! We had the privilege of having Brandon, Bekah, and Katharina live with us this summer while they served as Summer Interns with Josiah Venture in Poland. They "moved in" with us in June and then returned to their own homes in August. We even moved from our rental house to our new house together during the middle of our English camp, but that is another story for another blog post.

They came to serve in Poland all summer to reach teens with the good news of God's great love. While living in our city, they hung out with our kids and also our kids' friends.  Here Brandon is showing his dance moves with JustDance and a gal who came to camp last summer and again this summer.

After a few weeks, we added our nephew Josh. It was so awesome to have him join us for the whole summer. Here Jillian and Josh are retelling some fun story.

Heidi, Katharina, and Brandon

Then we added Lauren. She came to serve for a month with Josiah Venture. She had come four years ago with her youth group and renovated H2O. 

Lauren and Bekah
Our English camp began July 28th and two days before it started we had Paige and her sister Alaina join us too. Here Paige is below with Kelsey.

That made, um, eleven of us together for a few days. You can understand why we got a little goofy sometimes.

Greg and Josh and Bekah below

We had special meaningful times together too. Definitely a summer to remember!

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