Tuesday, July 20, 2010

End of school

Here are some pictures from the end of school. Photos from each of the girls class trips. Kelsey's class went 2 days to the mountains.

Jillian's class had a field trip to our house!! A day of outdoor games and authentic grill hamburgers, most of the kids had never had a hamburger before. 

Julia & Estera - Kelsey's closest friends

Jonas, Dawid, Marek

Iwona, Julia, Karolina

Sixth grade class

Jillian's class playing games at our house!!


Dress up relay race and balloon stomp.

Enjoying the trampoline

Last day of school. Jillian & Pani (Mrs) Pliszek

Jillian and Marysia

Last day of elementary school for the 6th grade!!!

Had to put him in here. He's just so adorable!!

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