Friday, May 22, 2009


I read in TIME (April 13) of a renovated 1889 bank in former Eastern Germany turned classy 5 star hotel in Berlin’s mint section. After WWII, the marbled flooring and detailed walls were covered up because it was too ornate for the soviet look. The renovation was 102 million dollars.
This caught my attention because we are in ongoing renovation of H2O, a camping facility. A week ago we heard good news about applying for European Union grants designated to small towns in Silesia, Poland – right where H2O is located. The maximum amount possible is equivalent to 3 million dollars. The article made me wonder where the classy bank / classy hotel renovation funds came from. Investments? Loans? European Union grants?

Old classy buildings torn down or redesigned for new buildings I see everywhere here. Old buildings become coffee shops, office buildings, hair salons, add class to new modern shopping centers, or, as in Berlin, a 5 star hotel. Oh how I long for an old coal mining recreation site to become an active, fun, camping experience for Poland.

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