Saturday, May 16, 2009

A home of our own - someday

Four years ago we began looking at houses to buy. Nothing available that fit our family and ministry needs - either too large or not large enough to accommodate all the visitors we have. So we kept looking and looking. Last summer dear friends, Grazyna and Leszek found land to buy in a nearby town for a very good price.

So we used Greg's inheritance to purchase this land shown below. Since that time we have pursued obtaining a loan in order to build a home. During these world wide financial times it has been difficult.
March 9th, Leszek and Grazyna began building their home in the lot next to ours. You can see their progress here. In this last year, they have helped us with all the paperwork securing permits for everything (water, sewage, electricity, gas, and so much more). We have house plans ready to submit for a building permit, a builder ready to begin, and we wait on money to start. Please join us in praying for a loan from either a Polish or US bank.


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