Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GUESTS - Heidi's House Reflections 2

Hosting guests has always been a part of our lives in every place we've ever lived. We even host guests when we travel and stay in other people's homes!! Being in our new home these last 6 months has been a joy to host family, friends, ministry guests, ministry meetings, fun stuff - you name it.

Here are just a few pictures of the last 30 days beginning with our goodbye to our nephew Kevin and his wife Allie who Christmas'ed with us and brought in the New Year.

Kelsey hosting an Eldorado ministry team meeting. Click here if you want to check it out. Eldorado is Fala's 'ministry to middle schoolers by middle schoolers' led by Lukasz (back row, 3rd from left). Saturday Feb 9 begins their winter camp. Jillian will attend for the first time.

Each January our friend Ken Wilson tags us onto his winter trip to Czech and he always brings friends. We've know Ken over 18 years now (he did our pre-marriage counseling!). This year he brought Tommy and Bob along.

We always are encouraged after our visits with Ken and the friends he brings are so happy to have tasted ministry in Poland (and Czech). While they were here, they lead a men's meeting and Ken preached at our church.

It's a blessing to have a home that keeps them warm when winter is so cold. I enjoyed having enough places for everyone to rest their head, have a place to themselves to read or talk to their wives at home, or join in with the family in the living room to talk.

Just adding this gorgeous shot of our cold Polish winter.

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