Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting the Names Down

Not everyone has a name yet. Well, they have names; I just haven’t learned them yet. Except for Marcin and Asia and their children, Tymek (5) and Kaja (3 months). I try to stop over once every other week. This week I’ve been there 3 times.

There’s “grandma” who lives two houses up. Her 9-year-old granddaughter stops by our place a few times each week to see if Jillian is home. Unfortunately, Jillian is usually still at school, but luckily Cody is always home and excited for a visit.

Then there’s the “over the fence” couple, which are always so friendly and chatty – well, the wife is anyway.

Yesterday I finally saw the owner of the “white house below.” She told me I have a very nice dog. Phew - still in good standing there.

I’ve made a point this month to have at least 3 conversations a week with our new neighbors. It’s not so hard, but it isn’t so easy either. I’ve been taking our dog for walks and praying along the way for what God’s plans are here with us in this new community and I believe He is causing the eyes of my heart to notice others with more purpose than I was before.  For example, my “over the fence” neighbor tells me each time we chat about a family member’s health. She is a wife, mom, grandmother who carries those worries/burdens on her heart. However, Asia’s newborn baby has serious hip issues and is undergoing intensive orthopedic treatment. Yet Asia, I noticed, is taking it in stride. I asked her more about that yesterday and it was a great conversation.

Our family will deliver home made cookies and holiday goodies on December 6, St Nicolas day, when kids get presents in Poland. We will take advantage of the season and officially introduce ourselves to the neighbors. My hope is that we will learn everyone’s name and begin a different way to be neighborly. I’m also praying it will open the door to future visits inside our home (or their home) with a cup of tea and more conversations.

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Alice Robbins said...

What a GREAT idea about the cookies on the 6th! I hope to do the same, like normal, but maybe move it up to the 6th!