Monday, October 24, 2011

"Your on. Let's go."

This weekend marks 15 years since we left the USA and moved to Poland. 

After nearly 2 years of support raising and weeks of saying goodbye, we were joined by 30 people as we waited to board our flight out of the country. We had just celebrated our second wedding anniversary too.

Were you there 15 years ago?

If you were, you may have remembered the drama involved with departure. We had received flight vouches to fly standby. As we waited at the gate with these loving friends and family, we didn't know until the last minute if there was room for us. So as we were watching and waiting, talking, hugging, laughing, watching, waiting...all of a sudden the flight attendant said, "OK. Your on. Let's go."

Quickly rushing through last hugs we walk through the door, down the tunnel to the door of the plane. As we arrive at the plane's entrance, another flight attendant comes out telling us to wait just a second. Then, a second later tells us there is no room for us!! She then proceeds to shut the door to the airplane. Oh no! As we walk back through the jetway back to the gate, we beg the airline attendant to allow us to stand behind the door for 15 minutes until all our friends leave. She smiled, and as she explained that it's not possible, cheering and clapping erupted as the plane pulled away. This abruptly was replaced with groans of disappointment as we emerged from the door back into the the gate area!

What love!! Fortunately we were able to board the next flight and had a quiet time with my sister and her family as everyone else returned home.

We then had a layover in Chicago with dear friends, Harrelsons and Inslees! Thanks for coming and hanging out with us!


Finally de-boarding in Frankfurt, Germany, the first person we see? Dick Patty, ready with luggage cart! We went through to baggage claim and were met by our Josiah Venture team leaders, Dan & Laura Hash, as well as Cadence International missionaries, Dick & Margaret Patty, Billy Brand, and Paul & Stacy Cassidy.

After a few hours in Germany, we loaded up the Hashes car and began a long drive through Czech Republic on towards Poland. We arrived mid-early morning to Dave & Connie Patty's home and slept for a few hours before driving the last 2 hours to the Hashes home in Poland.

I remember my first eager look at Poland after we crossed the border. It looked similar to this:

My first time ever to see Poland was the day I moved here!!  God has done so much here in Poland and the country has change alot too. But that's for another post!

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JEM said...

Fun post! Thanks for the history :) - J. Trenckmann M.