Monday, June 20, 2011

Health Updates

For over six years, our daughter Jillian, has had stomach pain. We went from one thing to another in determining what was wrong with little head way. In the fall of 2009 we hunkered down to concentrate on the pain by seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist here in Poland. This led to, of course, many tests of all kinds. After 5 months we received a diagnosis of "Functional Abdominal Pain", with the explanation that there could be a 1000 different reasons for the pain, though from by disease or abnormality.

As parents, one of the hardest things is to see your child in pain and not be able to help at all. After another year of no changes or lessening of her discomfort, I wondered if there was another body system we should concentrate on, since her digestive system did not show anything wrong (except the pain). Greg and I talked and we decided to take her to the USA and seek medical help. I felt I really needed to consult and ask my long list of questions in English language. After doing that, we would continue treatment here in Poland.

So Easter week of this year, Jillian and I headed to Portland, Oregon with a file full of her Polish lab results to see another pediatric gastroenterologist and also a naturopathic doctor. We left the pediatric gastroenterologist office with the same conclusion that our Polish doctors had given us: Functional Abdominal Pain; her pain was real, but not caused by disease or abnormality. Wow! I was so hoping to hear, "This is what's wrong".  I was disheartened.

The next day, we left the naturopathic doctor on a hunch that Jillian had 2 issues going on with her stomach pain. After another week of lab tests and waiting now several weeks for the results to process, I finally consulted with the doctor by phone just a week ago on her hunch.

In short, Jillian has 2-3 issues and we are taking steps with diet, supplements, and medicine to address them. Because of bacteria build up, some of her auto immune enzymes are too low, and she spike high on food allergies (or intolerance) to gluten, milk, eggs, and dairy. We have now jumped into another world as a family, and are quickly making dietary  changes. Our naturopathic doctor told us that Jillian should begin feeling better in 4-5 weeks. So, for Jillian, we are moving forward one meal at a time.

Last day of school!
On other family health news, Greg had his heart check up 2 weeks ago. Everything looked good and we are still making dietary changes and increased cardio work outs for us both.

Today I had my routine post cancer check up and all is clear. This month marks 9 years cancer free for me!

We are grateful for God's provision of our health providers here in Poland and God's direction for Jillian in Portland, Oregon. Thank you for standing with us through your prayers, suggestions, concerns and just checking in with us.

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Koches said...

Our granddaughter Katie has gone through much the same scene. The family has gotten quite good at making pizza without wheat or real cheese. We continue to pray.