Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Traveling, but spending time with friends.

We ended 2009 spending time with dear friends and came into 2010 rested, refreshed and our tanks full. Some of our highlights were: staying in our PJs most days, reading, working on things we normally don't have time to (like organizing bead collections and painting), watching Star Wars episodes 1-6 (an important cultural experience for our girls). Thanks Alice for the loan. Just yesterday I was listening to an audio program with the girls and there was a spoof on Darth Vader - a month ago they wouldn't have connected with it, but now they do.

We also enjoyed spending time with our church family. Here is a photo of Jillian reading something from our Sunday service. Christmas day we drove 25 minutes across country borders to join our JV Czech team mates for Christmas dinner and hanging out together, singing carols there too, playing games, oh, and eating!

Bringing in the New Year with the Shepperson family, now a tradition, was wonderful time. They brought their Wii with them and Greg and Zac played several rounds of golf while the kids connected in all areas of the house and Kim and I in the kitchen.

And to top off the season, our annual visit with the Popiela family from Torun. Many of you may remember we first lived 5 years in Torun, Poland and met Kamila first when she was 17, then later Michal. They have 2 cute daughters who love spending time with our girls (and our girls love the "little girls" just as much). Cody gets his kisses in when he can and sometimes they are returned with a giggle.

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