Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Present

When I was in High School, the town I lived in had a "Live Nativity" that several of the local churches participated in. Of course there was Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus; there were shepherds, and live animals.

Our youth group was the Host of Angels - singing "Glory (clap, clap), glory to God, glory to God in the highest; glory to God". Mickey, our beloved bus driver and part of the youth staff was Gabriel. Oh I remember all the giggling and the urgent hushing that make it harder to stop giggling, and, of course, our frustrated Music Pastor, Bob C.

Today Greg and I took our Fala office staff out for Christmas lunch and during the time we talked of past Christmas memories. Memories of being at Grandma's in the country with all the family, Christmas trees that were lit up with real candles (and then spread to the tree! oh no!). It was a great time. During our time, Kazik (he is the groundskeeper), said he hopes the Christmas party will be held at the camp facility, H2O next year. I was so touched by his wish because it means he really wants this place to open up and be used for events such as office Christmas parties, in addition to summer youth camps!

We then began talking hosting a "Live Nativity" there that local churches would participate it. It was really a great time of talking about Christmases past and ones to come. That was a fun discussion!

Just some hope for the future for me today.

Thankful that Jesus came.


Alice Robbins said...

What great memories! I miss you guys! No baby yet. Donna gets induced tomorrow. I will let you know when it happens. It looks like Christmas will be at the hospital!

The Stephens said...

Great post!

Helky said...

Ohhh, another wonderful Christian family in Poland! I say Hello from Poznan!