Friday, October 17, 2008

Mama Mamie

For over 2 years I have been co-leading a moms group we call "Mama Mamie" (moms with moms). It has been an extension of "Operation Christmas Child" an organization you may know of that gives Christmas boxes to children around the world. Our church here in Bielsko Biala also prepares these packages to give to needy families in our neighborhood.

We started Mama Mamie so we could continue reaching out to these families throughout the year. This small group of moms has become a small community that has affect our church in many ways.

Sabina is a young single mom who has participated in Mama Mamie as well as other kid programs at our church. Two years ago she gave her life to Jesus and continues to grow in her relationship with him.

Mariola is no longer a mother of preschoolers, but she began attending our church and every meeting that was offered. Soon she and her boyfriend also gave their lives to Jesus, went to city hall to get married and then were both baptized.

We've been together with Mariola and her husband Richard in a home group this last year. I so enjoy being with them. Their fresh and eager desire to know the Bible better and openness to blurt our their confusion, questions, or excitement has been refreshing and a joy to us.

It's these women and many more like them that make getting up in the morning worth it.


Missy said...

I love hearing about the work you are doing and putting faces with names!

Josh and Kristi said...

I love reading your blog! Makes me feel like we're having coffee! I'll have to show Kendra and Becca where your listed so they can read up on your girls!